Make Your ANZAC Biscuits into a Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich with this Recipe.

By Leigh O’Connor.

Whether you like them crunchy or chewy, there is something special about an ANZAC biscuit. Perhaps it is their traditional origins and the sense of patriotism they evoke in us; or is it the perfect taste of golden deliciousness that so beautifully coats the palate with each bite?

Did you know that originally these staples of WWI were square hardtack biscuits that many soldiers were said to have broken their teeth on?

These bikkies were so versatile they could be ground down to make porridge, thicken a stew, fried as fritters and even comically described as being used as souvenirs to pass on to the next generation.

Make Your ANZAC Biscuits into a Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich with this Recipe.
Here are four more interesting facts about ANZAC Day, celebrated this Sunday April 25, and a recipe for an ANZAC biscuit ice cream sandwich from Sydney Food Sisters that is sure to please:

The ANZACs were all volunteers, there was no conscription. Men would travel far and wide to sign up as it was seen as courageous and brave to fight for your country.

Two-up was played extensively by Australian soldiers during WWI – now it is only allowed to be played on ANZAC Day through pubs and clubs around the country.

There is no town called Gallipoli – it is the name of the area where the ANZACs fought.

The Last Post was typically played during the war to inform soldiers the day’s fighting had finished. It is now played at memorial services to indicate the duty of the dead has finished and they can rest in peace.