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Find flavour-packed Oriental dishes and alluring elixirs in an intimate setting at new venue on the Perth block, Modu Bar & Kitchen on Sherwood Court. Taking its namesake and inspiration from the city of Shanghai – which is known as Modu or the ‘City of Sins’ – this moody, emerald-hued restaurant and bar is perfect for casual drinks, date night dinners and special functions.

Look What’s New Near You!
Why should you drop in for a meal at Modu Bar & Kitchen? Here are three good reasons:

What’s your most popular dish/drink:

Our tender Peking duck breast, wrapped in crispy nori taco shells with caramelised pear hoisin sauce; or our charcuterie board, featuring in-house cured meat such as smoked prosciutto, duck pancetta, torched pork pancetta and duck liver paté, with plum jelly, served with crackers and dipping mousse.

Look What’s New Near You!
What's your point of difference:

What sets us apart is that our venue features live music after sunset from Wednesday to Saturday. We also have a whisky keep locker/cabinet that allows patrons to keep their purchased bottle for their next visit, complete with their name laser-etched on the front.

What is a fun fact that not many people know about the restaurant?

What is special about our team is that we in general represent Modu culture, where as Asian-Australians our great-grandparents migrated from China - that culture was an important element growing up.

A lot of Modu dishes are inspired from what we were comfortable with growing up - recipes passed down from older generations and crockery inspired from childhood memories for example.
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