Growing Mushroom Trends & Truffles

Winter 2012

Growing Mushroom Trends & Truffles

A Truffle is a Special Subterranean Mushroom

There are hundreds of species of subterranean mushrooms, some with a fruiting body found in close association with oak and hazel trees. Of the many mushroom varieties this particular yield represents the highly prized truffle, referred to as “the diamond of the kitchen”.

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Growing Mushroom Trends & Truffles

Truffle Power and Positive Mushroom Cause & Effects

The power of truffles in modern Australian cuisine is unparalleled and they are held in high esteem by cooks willing to pay a high price for their uniquely pungent taste. Aromatic and fresh truffle produce is typically used sparingly in its raw form, often shaved, suiting pastas, salads and eggs; however, seasonal truffles are also inserted into meats, often under the skins, and within some specialty cheese.

But truffle power goes beyond the pure delicious value of this now domestic product – truffles have been harvested in Australia since 1999. It is the positive cause and effect of mushrooms in our diet that is gaining great momentum in the media and within our kitchens thanks to Australia’s biggest food service promotion, Mushroom Mania, now in its 11th year. And truffles, being a special subterranean mushroom, fall into this highly nutritious category.

Funded by Australian mushroom growers, the campaign depicts health benefits of mushrooms.

"From warming entrees through to full flavoured mains and even burgers and pizzas, mushrooms really are the ‘hero’ of the meal… healthy nutritious food has never tasted so good."

-Ed Halmagyi “Fast Ed” from Better Homes and Garden

Growing Mushroom Trends & Truffles

Mushroom Facts

•A mushroom is not a fruit or a vegetable. It is unique!

•Mushrooms can help control weight as they are low GI, low kJ, and satisfy the appetite.

•Mushrooms (compared to vegetables) rank in the top five for antioxidant capacity. Mushrooms are the only non-animal fresh food to naturally contain vitamin D.

•Published Australian research links mushroom consumption to reduced breast cancer risk.

•Just three mushrooms per day provide over 20% of the daily need for many B vitamins.

•No vegetable can match the nutrient profile of the mushroom.

•Mushrooms are one of the few non-animal foods with the powerful antioxidant ergothioneine.

•Mushrooms have vitamin B12 on the surface and in the flesh.

Granted these mushroom facts pertain to a greater daily consumption than your typical serving of truffles in any given dish. Though there’s no denying that truffles are a tasty culinary gem and also fall into the “good food” category when it comes to its nutritional makeup.

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Don't be in the dark when it comes to the mushroom power, look locally for fresh mushrooms or all varieties at the farmers market nearest you.