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Fill Your Picnic Day Basket on August 2 with HelloFresh.

There is no better time than August in the Northern Territory. Locals gather for the annual Picnic Day celebration, on the first Monday of August - it’s one of the most renowned and anticipated public holidays of the year.

What could be better than a day out in the sun with family and friends, eating delicious food and exploring the beautiful outdoors?

Wondering where it all started? 

This iconic NT public holiday started in the late 1800s as a way for workers to enjoy a day trip to the Adelaide River; that’s one important picnic! By the 1930s this day had become a tradition and by the late 1940s, it was an annually observed public holiday.

Fill Your Picnic Day Basket on August 2 with HelloFresh.
Now it’s not just a walk in the park and a sandwich or two; Picnic Day in NT is the equivalent of a bush Olympics followed by the banquet of champions. Anything and everything from truck rallies, tug-of-war, whip cracking, ball games, and children’s races, while thousands of people line the streets of Darwin and surrounds. But the main event is the feast!

So, what's on the menu?

The problem:
Preparing for a picnic can easily become time-consuming, from deciding on the menu, to the shop and then the cook. 

The solution:
The HelloFresh Family-friendly box that can win over the taste buds of every family member.

Save time, remove stress, and assemble a basket full of treats, sweets and anything else you fancy on a (hopefully) warm day in the park with HelloFresh.
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