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Edible Gifts

The most wonderful time of year is just around the corner - and creeping up a little too fast for some! With little to no time left as work wraps up for the year, holidays are planned, the kids are finishing exam period and numerous events are all happening at once, take some time to sort the rest of the gift giving before it’s Christmas Day.

Edible Gifts

For those relatives only ever seen around the Christmas table, or even new family members you are still yet to meet (we’re looking at you, Aunty Jo and your latest spunky boyfriend), save on costs and enjoy therapeutic DIY time in the kitchen. Creating treats by hand lets everyone know you care, and are glad to have them at Christmas, while leftovers can be kept tucked away to surprise any unsuspecting drop-in guests. Put a few of these items together in a basket, or wrap up just one item to gift, tied with twine and adorable festive tags to give away as needed.

1.Cherry Ripe Slice

Roughly broken into chunks, stacked in little piles, wrapped up in cellophane and tied with shiny green Christmas ribbon. Delicious!

2.Salted Apple Caramels by Michelle Crawford

Wrap up a handful of these gorgeous gourmet lollies in clear or Christmas designed cellophane, or use them as fillers to decorate larger gift basket goodies (tip: avoid gifting to denture wearing rellies).

3.Pomegranate and Vanilla Vodka

Strictly adults only! Gift this tasty infused vodka to the young adults in your family - and go easy on the taste testing.

4.Overnight Apple Butter

This gift practically makes itself. For all those with a hyper busy schedule, create this mouth-watering take on traditional jam by leaving ingredients in the slow cooker overnight. Set aside some shabby chic style containers or jars for storing, and keep them in the fridge until gift-giving time.

5. Melting Moments

Melt the gruff exterior of your father-in-law’s heart with a rustic jar of Melting Moments, hand crafted just for him. If he doesn’t mind passionfruit, swirl a little bit through the cream for that extra tangy taste.

6.Chocolate Dipped Fruit Salad

Decorate all kinds of fruit (mandarins, pears, cherries) in funky patterns, different flavoured chocolates, nuts and aromatic spices. Another sweet idea is to practise your calligraphy, individualising each piece with the names of your guests.

7.Christmas Balls

Have you got enough baubles for Christmas? Throw together a mixture of Coconut Bon Bons, Mint Oreo Truffles, Rum Balls, Crushed Candy Cane Truffles, Nutella Cake Balls, White Chocolate and Cranberry Truffles and Fruit Balls to surprise and delight tastebuds.

8. Nutty Chocolate Fudge

This is one gift easy to make in advance and store for a long time, though we aren’t sure how long this delicious fudge will actually last hidden away in storage!

For more ideas, simply check out our recipe section.

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