Chocolate Cherries

Chocolate Cherries


500g fresh cherries

1 quantity of Simple Chocolate Ganache*, made by boiling and then heating 50g dark chocolate, 50g milk chocolate and 1/2 cup pouring cream.


Let your chocolate ganache cool slightly and then pour into a piping bag.

Take the pits out of your cherries using a cherry pitter or a small sharp knife. Try to keep the stalks in by putting the pitter right next to the stalk. If you lose a few stalks, no problem, you might have to fill them with chocolate and consume them immediately (purely for sustenance, of course).

Pipe the chocolate into the cherries, placing them bottom up on a plate and then pop them into the fridge to set for at least half an hour.

Credits: 'Wild Sugar Desserts' by Skye Craig & Lyndel Miller