Eat, Drink and Be Scary

Scare off hunger pains with our top 8 favourite healthy Halloween treats! Gather a crowd of ghouls, ghosts, vampires, zombies and more from your nearest graveyard to help you devour these ghostly treats.

Eat, Drink and Be Scary

1. Worms in Dirt

A DIY project for those who love a healthy dessert, get stuck in a day early to ensure the worms and chocolate dirt set in time to creep out your coven.

2. Spooky Devilled Egg Eyeballs

Use a mixture of green and black olives for the ultimate spooky effect on these creepy eyeballed eggs.

3. Guacamole Bats

A creative way to enjoy guacamole as an appetiser to mains, find dark corn chips to make little bats ears, eyes and wings, and be sure to eat it before it flies away into the night! Add a tomato sauce smile and some pointed teeth for extra scary vampire bats.

4. Spooky Banana Pops

Another easy snack, and even easier to eat, staked on the end of a handy pop stick. Don’t be afraid to devour these sweet little ghosts.

5. Grapefruit Jack O’ Lantern Fruit Salad

Another great fruity option for a sweet kick at Halloween, create miniature Jack O’ Lanterns by carving out grapefruit and oranges and fill it with fruit salad by day, and tea light candles by night for a refreshing citrus aroma.

6. Green Monsters

These adorable apple slices make a cute Halloween snack for little and big kids alike and are just the thing for a sweet crunch.

7. Severed Fingers Falafels

Shudder at the thought of eating severed fingers, but rejoice in this healthy snack option at your Halloween bash.

8. Mandarin Pumpkins

An easy kids’ play date Halloween snack, turn tangerines, clementine and mandarins into miniature pumpkins!

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