Desserts Can Be Guilt Free

How to Enjoy Guilt Free Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, then desserts would be an essential part of your eating regime. But what happens when you decide to lose weight?

Do you say goodbye to your delectable desserts or do you find resistance is too hard?

Desserts are normally high in sugar, fat and calories but if you have a sweet tooth I have some good news for you. Today I’ll share with you how to enjoy your dessert guilt free!

Desserts Can Be Guilt Free

TIP 1 - When eating out if you are looking for a treat or something a little sweet to finish the meal with, order a skinny cappuccino first before you order dessert. Most times this will satisfy your sweet tooth.

TIP 2 - Order your favourite dessert and share it with a friend; this way you get to enjoy a treat but only get half the fat and kilojoules.

TIP 3 - An occasional decadent dessert will not harm you, but consuming high fat desserts on a regular basis is a different story. Apple pie and ice cream every night will eventually catch up with you and your waistline. If you can't control your cravings for desserts then when you are at a restaurant order a piece of cheesecake. A single serving when dining out is much better than having to control yourself with a whole cheesecake sitting in the fridge, especially if you’re someone who can't resist leftovers.

TIP 4 - Fresh fruit is a great dessert and with the added benefit of fibre it will help you feel full. Another way to enjoy fruit is to bake an apple or pear to have with low fat custard. Stuff it with prunes, dried apricots and sultanas for a great dessert. Or a quick one is canned fruit in natural juice or no sugar added.

TIP 5 - Remember that sometimes we think we are hungry when in fact we are just dehydrated, so after a meal if you still feel hungry have a couple of glasses of water first before you start thinking about dessert.

TIP 6 - If you have a weight problem remember if nothing changes then nothing will change. Fill up on lots of vegetables and salad with your meal so that dessert isn’t a priority.

TIP 7 - A low fat hot chocolate drink may be all you need to keep sugar cravings away.

TIP 8 - Finally, remember the more sweet food you consume the more you will want, so keep your sweet tooth in check.

Check out the Lemon Meringue Pie in AGFG Recipes as a great example of a 'guilt free' dessert.

Desserts Can Be Guilt Free