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Celebrate Lunar New Year in Style: 3 Auspicious Cocktails to Welcome the Year of the Dragon

By Joseph Steele.

The auspicious Year of the Dragon is here, it's time to elevate our celebrations with a touch of elegance and creativity. To ensure your festivities are as vibrant and dynamic as the dragon itself, we've collaborated with some of Australia's most innovative mixologists to bring you a selection of cocktail recipes that blend tradition with a modern twist.

These mixologists, known for their artful approaches and imaginative use of ingredients, have poured their passion and expertise into crafting libations that not only honour the essence of the Lunar New Year but also introduce a contemporary flair to your celebratory moments.

Mr Mista:

Celebrate Lunar New Year in Style: 3 Auspicious Cocktails to Welcome the Year of the Dragon

Nestled in the pulsating heart of the city, Mr Mista is a Los Angeles-inspired bar that marries the electric energy of a party atmosphere with the delicate artistry of Asian cuisine. Here, cocktails are not just mixed; they're crafted in homage to Hollywood's golden era legends and none is more striking than the 'Bruce Lee'.

This concoction is a sophisticated reinterpretation of the classic peach iced tea, blending the rich, earthy notes of traditional Chinese oolong tea - once revered as ‘black dragon tea’ - with the smooth, amber warmth of Woodford Reserve Bourbon. The result? A sweet, yet mature beverage that offers a velvety finish, designed to complement the vibrant, explosive flavours of Asian cuisine.

It's a drink that does more than just quench thirst; it pays tribute to Bruce Lee, the ‘Little Dragon’ himself, celebrated for his pivotal role in bridging Eastern and Western cultures. In this Lunar New Year of the Dragon, it's a fitting homage to a legend who continues to inspire beyond the screen, encapsulating the spirit of fusion that Mr Mista embodies.

Stanley (13 Hat):

Celebrate Lunar New Year in Style: 3 Auspicious Cocktails to Welcome the Year of the Dragon

Perched on the waterfront of Howard Smith Wharves, Stanley whispers the tales of tradition while embracing the pulse of modernity. Here a new cocktail narrative unfolds with the introduction of the 'Hong Kong Son'. This daring concoction is a symphony of flavours that speaks to the adventurous soul, blending the herbal depth of basil-infused tequila with the exotic sweetness of lychee liqueur.

The first sip is a journey - starting with a sour tang of lime that quickly dances into the spicy embrace of chilli, only to be softened by the smooth, sweet notes of agave. It's a drink that captures the essence of Hong Kong itself: a city of contrasts, where the vibrant bustle meets tranquil gardens and ancient customs blend seamlessly with cutting-edge innovation.

The 'Hong Kong Son' is more than a cocktail; it's a refreshing ode to the city's dynamic spirit, a spicy, sour and utterly invigorating tribute that Stanley proudly presents to the world.

Cha Ching:

Celebrate Lunar New Year in Style: 3 Auspicious Cocktails to Welcome the Year of the Dragon

In the vibrant ambience of Cha Ching, a new masterpiece cocktail emerges to mark the auspicious Year of the Dragon. The 'Year of the Dragon' cocktail is a testament to the meticulous craft and passion that define the venue's mixology ethos. This limited-edition offering is a harmonious blend of premium Tequila, which lays a smooth foundation, enriched by the exotic sweetness of dragon fruit puree.

The freshness of mint and the tangy kick of lime then weave together, striking an exquisite balance between sweet and sour. This cocktail doesn't just aim to refresh; it seeks to encapsulate the celebratory spirit of the Lunar New Year, making it an instant crowd-pleaser. Cha Ching's 'Year of the Dragon' cocktail is more than a drink; it's an homage to a time of prosperity and luck, inviting patrons to savour a taste of celebration with each sip.

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