Book Review: Powerful Living

‘This book will be your roadmap to getting where you want to be, taking control and getting back your self-belief.’

Power up with Powerful Living, the much anticipated new release from one of Australia's most influential health and fitness experts, Michelle Bridges.

Powerful Living is not just another recipe book with several dozen pages of exercises thrown in for good measure – it also provides readers with practical tools to empower their mind, a significant factor which is often overlooked when trying to achieve health and exercise goals. In fact, the mind can arguably be the single point of difference between success and failure.

Bridges uses her combined 20 years in the industry to help empower readers by giving them the right tips and tools required to take control of their life. In Powerful Living, Bridges outlines 40 practical mindset drills to enable readers to reach their goals – these include replacing ‘I hope’ with ‘I will’ in daily speech as well as learning how to not say yes every time.

Book Review: Powerful Living

Ricotta Quinoa Pancakes with Banana Page 76 ~ See Recipe.

Additionally, Powerful Living comes with 18 simple exercises as well as 10 highly effective workouts that can be performed anywhere – in the gym, home or the park; and of course, Powerful Living is rounded off with more than 60 fresh and fast recipes neatly arranged by calorie count. Each mouth-watering recipe also lists preparation and cooking times, along with helpful hints. Breakfast options such as the ricotta quinoa pancakes with bananas and berries are both delicious and filling – though we suggest allowing an extra 30 minutes on top of prep time to cook the quinoa.

An impressive variety of lunch and dinner options are also included, from the light fresh grilled prawns with watermelon and cucumber salsa to the nourishing Thai chickpea and pumpkin curry that is low in fat but not on taste. Best of all, each recipe is designed to be easily adapted – for example, the berries in the ricotta quinoa pancake recipe can simply be substituted for peaches or apples.

Recipes from the book Powerful Living by Michelle Bridges and photography by Julie Renouf, published by Viking, RRP $29.99. Can be purchased here.