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Best Charlotte Cake Recipe to Celebrate Bastille Day.

Renowned Celebrity Chef and founder of Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School Kirsten Tibballs, has created a delicious Charlotte Cake in partnership with Bonne Maman to celebrate all things French for Bastille Day on Thursday, July 14. 

A traditional French dessert, Kirsten’s Charlotte Cake features layers of sponge and berry bavarois surrounded by ladyfingers on the outside and topped with fresh berries. 

The recipe uses Bonne Maman’s limited-edition Strawberry, Raspberry and Elderflower Spread, a twist on a timeless conserve with well-balanced fresh and floral aromas.

Best Charlotte Cake Recipe to Celebrate Bastille Day.
There are different versions of the cake’s origin, but the most common is that it originated in Britain probably in the late 1700s, taking its name from Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. In these days it was filled with apple compote and topped with breadcrumbs.

Later, legendary French Chef Marie-Antonin Carême created a no-bake cream-filled dessert similar to what it is today – a molded dessert made from slices of raspberry jam roll cake lining a mold filled with Bavarian cream.

Best Charlotte Cake Recipe to Celebrate Bastille Day.
Kirsten’s version is a show-stopping dessert for any occasion and will store in the refrigerator for up to four days, making it the ideal temptation to make in advance for your next celebration, or to impress dinner guests as a fitting finale to a French meal.

To check out Kirsten’s online classes at Savour, click here.

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