Bemused by Restaurant Amuse

October 2012

AGFG Competition Winner Restaurant Review

By Sandra Veneklaas

Here’s why entering AGFG Competitions is not a good idea, it's a great idea...

My Good Food Story

Having won the AGFG September competition for two Restaurant Amuse vouchers, my experience of this dimly lit East Perth establishment was excellent.

Right from the minute we stepped through the door, it was clear we were going to be treated like kings. I was super stoked to be able to take my Dad, an avid foodie, for a delicious degustation at Restaurant Amuse!

Bemused by Restaurant Amuse

The service was excellent throughout the evening. Upon being seated, we were welcomed with a little envelope that we could choose to open (or leave as a surprise), containing inside our omnivorous menu for the evening.

First up were the snacks! Three mouthfuls of heaven! They included a bite of gravlax, some bone marrow and then a sweet potato salt and vinegar chip.

To keep us going through the courses we were given some fresh bread with butter (churned on site!) sprinkled with black volcanic salt from Hawaii. I think this was close to my favourite dish, even though it wasn't a dish at all.

Bemused by Restaurant Amuse

Of the 8 or so main dishes we had, the standouts were as follows:

- Egg, mushroom and pine nuts in a sealed, smoke filled jar. You open it and smoky aromas waft out, inviting you to dig in. I'm not normally a fan of mushrooms but this was delicious!

- Duck, sweet corn and buckwheat, amazing and delicious. I don't know what it was about this dish in particular but the simplicity of the ingredients just worked!

- The palate cleanser before dessert was probably another favourite, despite not being an official course! It was freeze dried lychee with grapefruit jelly balls and Thai basil sorbet. The lychee was powdery and sweet and the jelly balls a lovely surprise. The basil sorbet was nice and subtle.

My dad had the wine pairing throughout the degustation and was very impressed, while I really enjoyed a cocktail or two.

Dad was very pleased with the whole experience and I felt very lucky to have been able to take him!

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