Australia's Wax Museum

The largest wax museum in the southern hemisphere

There is something delightfully eerie about a wax museum, getting up close and personal with some of the biggest and brightest celebrities in the world, having a conversation to them and getting a vague, silent stare in reply. It may not be far from reality, but it sure is creepy. The largest in the southern hemisphere, The Wax Museum is located in Queensland’s Surfers Paradise, with startlingly realistic famous people, authentically dressed and appropriately posed.

Australia's Wax Museum

Who or what is in The Wax Museum?

Comprised of two different sections, you can begin your journey in The Wax Museum in either the ‘world in wax’ or the ‘chamber of horrors’. World in wax presents you with the faces of those who have shaped history and who continue to shape our lives. The chamber of horrors on the other hand is a grim portrayal of human cruelty throughout history, the only display of its kind in the world. Figures at The Wax Museum have been scrupulously crafted by some of the world’s leading sculpture artists, who produce wax figures equal in quality to those seen in Europe, the USA and the United Kingdom. More than a sculpture, the intricate detail within these works are mind blowing – hair strands applied one at a time ad eyes that follow you around the room. With each figure valued at $60,000 and above, a painstaking 2 years goes into the making of each person. A trip to The Wax Museum is perfect for a rainy day so bring your camera and huddle in amongst the likes of Australian icons Kylie Minogue and Crocodile Dundee, along with a range of international celebrities, leaders, villains and artists and let your inner paparazzi go wild.

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