Australia's First Screw-Capped Sparkling Wines

Keep Your Sparkling Alive

On May 8, 2012 De Bortoli Wines released their revolutionising Australian innovation. By partnering with two of Australia’s leading packaging suppliers, De Bortoli launched the world's first screw-capped sparkling wines in the heart of Sydney CBD.

“We’ve made the decision to convert the entire Trevi range and Willowglen Sparkling Brut exclusively to the new closure because this technology is truly ground-breaking and will put Australia’s sparkling wine industry at the forefront of innovation,” explains Peter Yeoman, De Bortoli Wines National Sales Manager.

Australia's First Screw-Capped Sparkling Wines

Easy to Open

Yeoman believes the sparkling screw-cap closure provides consumers with significant advantages. “This closure system is perfectly suited to sparkling wines which are popular among women who often report difficulties in opening cork closures,” remarks Mr Yeoman.

Guala Closures Australia sparked this initiative dubbed Viiva™ in response to ongoing complaints from consumers and industry about traditional cork-closed sparkling wines including opening difficulty and loss of carbonation. Guala Closures Australia worked in collaboration with leading glass manufacturer O-I to develop a bottle specifically designed to fit the closure.

Convenient and Economical

This screw cap promises to redefine the way we consume sparkling wine and will be of great benefit to the industry. Marketing Manager for Guala Closures, Simon Yudelevich emphasizes, “It's appealing from a hospitality point of view because it reduces staff time at events when dealing with multiple openings and allows for safe openings with no missiles across the room.”

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Easy to Reseal

“The sparkling screw-cap closure eliminates safety issues associated with opening cork-closures and will encourage responsible consumption of alcohol as it enables consumers to drink one glass of wine, while maintaining carbonation days after opening,” Mr Yeoman promotes.

De Bortoli’s philosophy is that wine should have a “sense of place” and with the new Australian-made sparkling wine screw-cap - the first of its kind in the world - that place may be in your fridge where Australian sparking wine remains (still sparkling) days after opening. The Viiva™ is truly convenient, however, the developments wasn't so easy - it took 5 years to master this new and remarkable screw-cap system.

Compiled by Shawn Sheather