Australia's Botanic Gardens

Life, colour and diversity

With about 140 national botanic gardens in Australia, these well tended beauties are definitely a destination to take time out and wander through the exotic and gorgeous, English style gardens. 5.6 million Australians visit a botanic garden at least once a year, remaining the second highest rating cultural venue visited. Most major botanic gardens in Australia have educational facilities available to the wider community, including information on which plants are endangered, rare or just plain unusual. Each state and territory has their own major botanic garden, full of life and colour and makes a perfect escape from traffic and congested crowds without going too far.

Australia's Botanic Gardens

Where are Australia's botanic gardens?

Usually located in the heart of the state capital’s CBD, each botanic garden is uniquely organized, offering something different in each location. Weddings and picnics are a popular garden site, acting as the perfect backdrop amidst a setting sun.

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