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Are We Living in the Golden Age of Food?

By Laura Rancie.
The 'Golden Age of Cooking' refers to a period in culinary history marked by significant advancements, innovations and achievements in the art and science of cooking. While there isn't a universally agreed-upon time frame for this Golden Age, different culinary traditions and regions have experienced their periods of culinary excellence. Here are a few potential candidates for the Golden Age of Cooking:
Are We Living in the Golden Age of Food?
Left: 1946 edition of Le Guide Michelin. Top Right: 1907 edition of Le Guide Culinaire, valued at $950 from Books for Cooks, marked as 'scarce in commerce'. 

French Cuisine in the 19th Century

The 19th Century is often considered a golden age for French cuisine, particularly during the Belle Époque period. This era saw the codification and refinement of French culinary techniques, the publication of influential cookbooks such as Auguste Escoffier's 'Le Guide Culinaire', and the rise of iconic dishes and culinary institutions like the Michelin Guide.
Are We Living in the Golden Age of Food?

Italian Renaissance 

The Italian Renaissance, spanning roughly from the 14th to the 17th Century, was a time of cultural and artistic flourishing in Italy. It also witnessed significant developments in Italian cuisine, with the emergence of regional culinary traditions, the refinement of pasta-making techniques and the creation of iconic dishes like risotto, tiramisu and various types of pasta.
Are We Living in the Golden Age of Food?

Japanese Edo Period

The Edo period in Japan (1603–1868) was characterised by relative peace and stability which allowed for the flourishing of arts, culture and cuisine. During this time Japanese cooking techniques such as sushi-making, tempura frying and kaiseki dining were refined and elevated to an art form. The Edo period also saw the emergence of culinary classics like sushi, sashimi and tempura.
Are We Living in the Golden Age of Food?

Moorish Spain

The period of Moorish rule in Spain (8th to 15th Centuries) brought about a fusion of Moorish, Jewish and Christian culinary traditions resulting in a golden age of gastronomy in Al-Andalus. This era saw the introduction of ingredients like rice, citrus fruits, almonds and spices to the Iberian Peninsula as well as the development of elaborate culinary techniques and dishes.
Are We Living in the Golden Age of Food?

Contemporary Global Cuisine

Some might argue that we are currently living in a golden age of cooking characterised by unprecedented access to diverse ingredients, cooking techniques and culinary traditions from around the world. The globalisation of food has led to an ease at which we as Aussies, (living on an island far removed from other nations) have fast access to any dish our taste buds desire, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner from any region of the world. 

As we look back to what could be considered various ‘golden ages’ of culinary confidence throughout history it is obvious that different periods and regions have witnessed remarkable achievements and advancements to get us to where we are today.
Could we be living in the golden age of food?

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