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Celebrating the Golden Age and All Things Retro.

From the Editor, Leigh O’Connor.

Hollywood has gone through a lot of different eras, with none more influential on society than the Golden Age in the 1920s and 30s. More than 100 years ago, it would have been hard to imagine the Hollywood of today where massive international box office pictures with outrageous budgets are all fighting to be the next billion-dollar franchise film.

This was a time of flappers, prohibition and jazz along with classic murder mystery novels and the evolution of flight. This week we take a look back in time to celebrate the Golden Age - which reared its head again in the 1950s and 60s – from retro cocktails to the history of happy hour, let's get ready to do the Charleston!
Celebrating the Golden Age and All Things Retro.

Marie-Antoinette Issa takes us on a journey around the Best Burlesque Shows in Australia, where comedy, theatre and provocativity combine to deliver satirical performances sure to entertain; make sure to also read her ultimate guide to the country’s sexiest speakeasy bars, hidden drinking holes that scream fun and frivolity.

Are we living in the Golden Age of Food? That’s the question posed by Laura Rancie as she unravels culinary history marked by significant advancements, innovations and achievements in the art and science of cooking; Laura also reviews spice guru Eleanor Ford’s book, ‘A Whisper of Cardamom’, which delivers sweetly spiced recipes to fall in love with.

From Shrove Tuesday pancakes, to date night venues and Friday fish and chips, we’ve got the low down on where to go and why; while those still looking for a sweet way to woo their Valentine can check out our list of decadent destinations for loved-up couples.
Celebrating the Golden Age and All Things Retro.

For this week’s Chef Chat we head to Dixson & Sons brasserie in East Sydney, where Head Chef Steven Hartert recalls growing up in a tiny village in Germany and who according to his Nan was always poking his head around the kitchen checking out what was going on and on the lookout for snacks.

Steven also shares a stunning dessert recipe for a strawberry pistachio tart, which he says was one of the first recipes he ‘screwed up’ as his English was not the best when first arriving Down Under!

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