A Rare Solar Eclipse in Cairns

Wednesday, 14 November, 2012

Chase the Sun with 50,000 Others

It may only last for two minutes but 50,000 visitors are expected to flock to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef on 14 November for the 2012 Eclipse, a rare celestial experience.

This monumental event is set to begin at 5:45am on November 14 in Darwin. The solar eclipse shadow will then sweep across the Gulf of Carpenteria and Cape York. Following that, the central line will cross directly over Oak Beach at Port Douglas, the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea at 7:40am.

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A Rare Solar Eclipse in Cairns

A total eclipse of the sun occurs every 18 months or so; however, the best viewing locations are often in remote or sparsely populated regions of the earth.

The Eclipse 2012 will be visible from Innisfail to Cooktown and inland to the Atherton Tablelands, with the best vantage points stretching across Cairns, Port Douglas and Mossman.

Between 6:37am and 6:39am, in a path around 200 kilometres wide, the darkness of night will briefly return as the moon moves across the face of the sun.

A Rare Solar Eclipse in Cairns

A series of major events are set to coincide with the eclipse, including a marathon and family-oriented event at Port Douglas, an indigenous festival and a six-day electronic music and lifestyle festival about three hours northwest of Cairns.

With the local hospitality and tourism sector predicted to escalate to 80% occupancy, it’s highly recommended that you book hotels and reserve restaurant seating as soon as possible. Some tour groups have been planning for this event 3 years in advance!

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By Celeste Mitchell