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A Barbie on the Beach

Australia's Beach BBQ Hotspots

Barbecues on the beach can often be a tiresome affair, with wind blowing, flies buzzing and sand somehow getting in every space possible. So why not hire a barbecue pontoon to make it that little bit easier? Skipper the barbecue around on the calm waters, fire up the barbie and do some fishing in the sunshine. Better yet, why don’t you make it a challenge and fish for your supper? Available for day or half day hire, barbecue pontoons are ideal to escape, relax and enjoy your barbecuing with a select group, or even on your own if you please. The Gold Coast is most popular for having pontoons available for hire, where you can enjoy the pristine waters and head on over to pretend you are on one of the super yachts located in Marina Mirage.

A Barbie on the Beach

But where can I have a BBQ on the beach?

If you're lucky enough to avoid the wind and sand accumulation, a barbie on the beach can be very relaxing depending on your location. Victoria’s Ninety Mile Beach is one of the most natural and unspoilt beaches in the world and upon sunset, is a perfect backdrop for your outdoor dinner. One of Australia’s largest beaches, the Ninety Mile Beach is perfect for fishing, so you are pretty much guaranteed dinner will be served. Queensland’s Rainbow Beach in the south east is also another great Australian barbecue destination, with barbecue facilities available for a relaxed, warm evening. Don’t forget to throw a shrimp on the barbie to say you have done a truly Australian activity – even though most Australians have never partaken in such a thing.

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