5 Ways to Take Your Morning Coffee

They say sleep is a weak substitute for coffee and being home to some of the grindest baristas in the world, there is no reason for any of us to wake up with a bad coffee.

5 Ways to Take Your Morning CoffeeRight to left, top to bottom: Flat White from Edition Coffee Roasters, Filtered Coffee from Haven - Tailoring Coffee Joyously, Espresso Martini, Cold Drip Coffee, Vietnamese Egg Coffee.

We’re all about quality, not quantity when it comes to our coffee consumption per capita, but that doesn’t mean some of us don’t ponder life’s largest questions when staring at the bottom of our empty cups. So, if you’re bored with your double shot, single origin ristretto, kick back on these five ways to take your morning coffee.

The New Cappuccino:

Coffee fanatics previously seen sipping their chocolate-dusted skinny cappuccino with two teaspoons of sugar can now be heard all over the country requesting cold drip coffee. For those of us yet to join in the hype, this can sound like another fast trend that too shall pass, when in reality; cold drip or cold brew is an age-old method and thought to have origins in South-East Asia.

Want a cold brew at home? Prisma has just launched a crowdfunded coffeemaker promising you your brew in 10 minutes. Want some more in-depth knowledge, check out Cold Drip Coffee is the New Cappuccino.

The Pour Over:

A gentle and easy brewing method which creates a clean cup of coffee. All you’ll need is a filter cone, filter paper, freshly roasted coffee and boiling water. Check out this video from Market Lane Coffee for more inspo:

The Flat Way:

Forget the espresso-lane and leisurely wind up the road where most Antipodeans still mingle and enjoy a flat white. Until recently, the flat white was only known down under and for foreigners, it was mostly confused with the latte, we’re here to clear up that confusion. The flat white, like the latte, is prepared with espresso and milk but the flat white has less milk than a latte as well as less foamed milk on top. So, if you like your coffee with less milk but not so less that it’s black, the flat white is for you.

Turning Vietnamese:

When in Vietnam, do as the Vietnamese do and enjoy egg coffee. Traditionally prepared with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and espresso, it’s definitely not boring. Want to try it? Here’s the recipe.

The Martini:

Drunk by the cool crowd, in a trendy down town Melbourne bar, the espresso martini will certainly give you a kick out of bed in the morning. While we don’t recommend these on days when you have to drive to work, we certainly don’t see why you can’t feel like you’re the lead character in a famous movie every Sunday. We have a recipe here.