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2023 Chef Hats – Australia’s Award-winning Restaurants Announced.

In our pursuit of the country’s best restaurants, the support by the Australian dining public has been nothing but extraordinary, with their generous willingness to support and help identify venues worthy of Chef Hat consideration.

We would like to thank you for your unbroken enthusiasm.  

Notable openings of 2022:

KOI Experiential, Sydney.
Jungle Fowl, Port Douglas.
Vanitas (re-opened), Gold Coast.
Oborozuki, Sydney.
Enter Via Laundry, Carlton North.

2023 Chef Hats – Australia’s Award-winning Restaurants Announced.

Newly opened KOI Experiential, straight in at 15 Hats.

Big jump in scores/receiving a Hat for the first time at a high level in 2023:

Restaurant Botanic, Adelaide. From 14 Hats to 18.
Vanitas, Gold Coast. Straight in at 15.
Besuto, Sydney. Straight in at 14.
KOI Experiential, Sydney. Straight in at 15.
Van Bone, regional Hobart. From 14 to 17.
2023 Chef Hats – Australia’s Award-winning Restaurants Announced.

Vanitas…highest ranked restaurant on the Gold Coast at 15.

Conscious exclusions:

Labart, Gold Coast.
Provenance, Victorian High Country.

Notable closures of 2022:

Leonards Mill at Second Valley, SA.
Aubergine, ACT.
Gauge, South Brisbane.
Fleet, Brunswick Heads.
Clarke’s of North Beach, WA.

Ones to watch:

The Lodge at Berrima Vault House, put Chef Tommy Prosser on your radar.
The Beach at Byron, Chef Alanna Sapwell has just announced she is leaving.
Icebergs, Sydney. Closed most of 2022, only re-opening on December 14.

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