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Bay Bug Dumplings - Recipe by Chef Paul Smart

Bay Bug Dumplings - Recipe by Chef Paul Smart



100g bug, crab and prawn shells
50g tomato paste
50g carrot, onion and celery
250mL chicken stock
1/4 bunch tarragon
1 shot brandy


150g bug meat
150g prawn meat
1 egg white
300mL cream
12 kaffir lime leaves
7g sea salt
13 wonton wrappers

Chilli Bay bugs:

12 premium Bay bugs
100mL coconut milk
100mL lime juice
100mL chili paste
100mL fish sauce



Make the bisque sauce by adding bug and crab shells to a large hot pan.

Deglaze with brandy and flambee, ass white wine and reduce.

Add stock and simmer for 90 minutes until the sauce is rounded and full flavour.

Strain through chinois and reduce until thick.


Add the bug meat and prawns into a food processor. Purée with the egg white.

Fold cream into the bug filling and season to taste.

Add chopped kaffir lime leaves.

Wrap dumplings using wonton wrapper sheets.

Chilli Bay bugs:

Sautée bug meat with chilli paste, coconut milk and fish sauce. Add the lime juice.

To finish:

Steam bug dumplings and then place into a bowl. Heat the sauce and lightly foam, place chilli bugs.

Recipe provided by Citrique