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Top Travel Tips and Destinations from The Very Hungry Nomads’ Rachel Davey

By Leigh O’Connor.

Initially setting her sights on visiting 100+ countries, Aussie Rachel Davey has achieved her goal of exploring every country in the world – that’s 195 and a feat only achieved by less than 200 people.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, we talked to Rachel about her and Marty Sebova’s global journey which culminated with reaching Samoa in November 2022 – number 195 on the list of countries recognised by the UN – plus a few extra.

The pair detail their travels on their website, the Very Hungry Nomads, taking those of us who can’t make it to every country on a journey with them.
Top Travel Tips and Destinations from The Very Hungry Nomads’ Rachel Davey

Rachel and Slovakian-born Marty met in Europe in 2008 working as road crew for a youth coach tour company – Marty was the trip leader and Rach was an on-road Chef. Their jobs were seasonal – they worked for six months during the Summer, which left them with half a year to do whatever they desired.

They chose to travel the world together! Fast forward and now they are both the first women from their home countries to have reached this monumental milestone.

Rachel tells AGFG how the adventure began and gives us her favourite top 5 countries and handy travel tips:

"I have always had a calling to travel and experience different cultures. I finally took that leap of faith in my 20s and left Australia for Canada and the UK; through working holiday visas, I was able to further explore my passion for adventure.

"Little did I realise this was just the beginning of a lifelong love for travel.”

Once the bug truly set in, Rachel got her first wave of ambition and set herself the target to visit 100+ countries, which she achieved in 2014.

"My ambitions didn’t waver and I set my sights further – I wondered, could it be possible to visit every country in the world? After some research in 2016, I found that less than 200 people had achieved this and a very small percentage of those people were women.

"This lit a fire under me, to get more women on the map, literally.”

Top Travel Tips and Destinations from The Very Hungry Nomads’ Rachel Davey

Finally, after 20 years of travel, the goal was met and Rachel says it has been the biggest and best adventure she has been on.

"I have had the chance to explore the most amazing cultures and meet so many wonderful people. Truly, the experiences I have had and the memories created will stay with me for a lifetime.

"While all countries have a charm of their own, there are a few that have a special place in my heart.”


This is an incredible country to visit from the iconic beaches and rainforests to the vibrant cities, friendly locals and delicious cuisine. Thailand will always be a country I will keep going back to.


I absolutely loved the contagious energy Mexico gives, especially Oaxaca City. The non-stop fiestas, amazing food and good vibes make this city an amazing addition to anyone’s travel list.


A firm favourite with many travellers for a reason everywhere you go in Italy is dripping in rich history, culture, amazing wine and food and of course, the beautiful countryside.


If you’re into a 4WD experience, Oman is the place for you. This hidden gem will allow you to explore this amazing country at your own adrenaline-fuelled pace.

Top Travel Tips and Destinations from The Very Hungry Nomads’ Rachel Davey

Colombia has so much to offer. I loved exploring the various coffee farms, the breathtaking landscape and beautiful cities and towns.

Top tips:

Move like a local. Get savvy with how the locals get around. By using public transport and hopping on local buses and trains, you can ensure more control over your budget. 

Get savvy with Apps. Sometimes travel plans can change quickly and adapting to this using tech can be a life-saver. Using the Skyscanner ‘month’ feature in particular, can especially help you identify the days with cheap flights. 

Experience the country through your stomach. By eating like a local and finding small family-run restaurants and trying out the local food markets, it can help you experience a culture through your tastebuds while sparing your wallet.

How to find your next destination:

Aside from using guidebooks and online articles, Rachel highly recommends using the Skyscanner Everywhere search tool. This tool is indispensable when planning, as it shows different destinations and cities at the best price organised from lowest to highest.

"It can really get your inspiration going. You simply add in your desired departure destination and it will show you the best deals from your city during your wanted dates.”

For more information or travel tips, visit the Very Hungry Nomads website. For more flight deals and the latest flight prices around the world, visit

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