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Single O Coffee's Past, Present and Christmas

Established in 2003 as a café and roaster in the back streets of Sydney’s Surry Hills, Single O was founded by a couple of single-origin lovers escaping the corporate world.

The History of Single O:

Back then, it was a sea of stale Italian packet coffee. It seemed fresh quality beans were hard to come by so by necessity and sheer will, Single O led the charge on showcasing single-origin coffees, along with third-wave roasting and brewing in Sydney.

Since then, Single O has grown to supply likeminded, quality-crazed hospos, from their bases in Australia and Japan (since 2014). The OG Surry Hills café digs are still cranking and pushing the brewing envelope, more recently introducing the world’s first batch brew bar, Freepour Coffee On Tap and launching one of coffee’s earliest climate-change impact awareness campaigns, No Death To Coffee.

Single O Coffee's Past, Present and Christmas

Grand Opening of Second Store:

Single O recently opened its second Australian cafe in Newstead, Brisbane in September 2023, marking an exciting milestone in the coffee roaster’s history.  

Single O and Sustainability:

Single O’s carbon neutral announcement marks the culmination of a 20-year journey, with a commitment to offsetting 3,219 tCO2-e of CO2-e through Greenfleet Australia at a rate of $17.82 per carbon offset with the achievement of their carbon neutral status.

Single O is proud to be partnering with Greenfleet (a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation committed to protecting our climate by restoring our forests) to take climate action and offset its carbon emissions through native reforestation.

Single O is now embarking on the journey to achieve net zero status, in order to go beyond simply offsetting emissions through other parties and focus on physically reducing the company's own emissions, through upgrading solar usage, reducing environmental impact at an on-premise and agricultural level as well as its fleet. 

Single O and the War on Waste:

Single O was the first roaster to introduce climate-resilient coffees to customers as part of its No Death To Coffee campaign, giving Aussies a world-exclusive taste of the future of coffee.

Banning hundreds of thousands of single-use cups from landfill through a ban on branded single-use cups since the brand’s inception in 2003, they have also installed 92 solar panels at their roastworks - a move which currently offsets 30% of electricity production.

It has also co-founded The Juggler, which has saved more than 18 million two-litre plastic milk bottles from the waste stream (seen in cafes across Australia); launched its first climate-resistant F1 varieties in Australia; rallied the industry to sign up to the World Coffee Research check-off fund and become 1% for the Planet members in January 2021.

Single O Coffee's Past, Present and Christmas

Single O this Christmas:

Ahead of the 2023 Christmas craze and to celebrate 20 years of coffee roasting, innovation and sustainability, Single O releases its Sugarplum Festival Reserve Blend, ‘Fanfare’. features artwork by Bertie Blackman of two cupid skeletons playing their trumpets, bringing the fanfare fun.

Single O has also partnered with La Marzocco Home, to add even more festive cheer. Every purchase of Sugarplum online also automatically goes in the draw to win a Linea Micra home espresso machine, valued at $5,999.

Single O’s Sugarplum ‘23 edition ‘Fanfare’ is now available to purchase via Single O’s website, cafes and cafe partners from November 2, 2023, Coffee Beans RRP $28 for 250g, $74 for 1kg. Parachutes RRP 5 pack for $13, 10 pack for $25, 20 pack for $44.


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