Salads Are a Summer Fave

Being Cool, Crisp & Creative With ProduceFor anyone wishing to lose weight or go on a healthy diet, salads are normally an important part of meal times. Salads are not eaten as much in the colder months but with summer here, they are more in demand.

Salads Are a Summer Fave

Salad ingredients have little if any fat and are low in kilojoules which means they can be eaten as often and as much as you like. It is recommended that we have five serves of vegetables a day so having a large salad at lunch or with dinner will easily help you to reach those daily requirements. To keep salads healthy and low in fat, some ingredients may need to be used in smaller amounts or be avoided altogether. Keep Salads Light & healthy by Limiting High-fat Ingredients

1. HIGH FAT MAYONNAISES & DRESSINGS - Instead use 97% fat free mayonnaises and dressings without oil.

2. NUTS - Use sparingly on salads. Even though nuts are good for you they are high in fat and need to be eaten in small amounts. Dry roast raw nuts as this gives them more flavour, meaning you’ll need less to achieve that amazing taste.

3. AVOCADO - Just like nuts, avocado is a healthy addition to a salad though you must be careful as avocados are high in fat.

4. CHEESE & EGGS – Both high in saturated fat and need to be used sparingly; reduced fat cheeses are recommended.

5. OIL - Most salad dressings use oil as their base ingredient so either choose the low or no oil dressings that are available and use dressings sparingly. Virgin olive oil is the healthiest of all oils to use on salads. For cooking, use sunflower oil.

6. FRIED CROUTONS – A popular addition to a salad, especially Caesar, my best tip here is to make your own croutons. Normally store bought croutons are fried and high in fat. The way you can do it is by toasting bread slices then cutting them into squares. Bake these tid-bits in the oven until dried and you have a much lower fat option. Low-fat Salad Ingredients You’ll LoveSliced fresh mushrooms go well in a salad bowl and there are several types of sprouts now available. Other fresh ingredients to consider include: Salad onions or shallots, corn kernels, mung beans, washed kidney beans (from the can for convenience), slices of carrot and celery sticks, capsicum, diced apple and sultanas. Pick your own combination of favourites.

There are also several types of lettuces that can give a salad a different look and try slicing some green or red cabbage through the mix. I like using English spinach instead of lettuce, just for a change every now and then. Salads aren't always green. Try this delicious Asian Saladrecipe that will fill the spot.

Salads Are a Summer Fave