Rodeos in Queensland

Delve from coast to country

A vast rugged region of stunning scenery full of colour and life, Queensland’s outback spans an area of up to 832,000 square kilometers. Contrary to sand and surf, Queensland’s outback is fast becoming a popular destination for those looking for an authentic Australian experience amidst rugged natural beauty. With a variety of outback activities to attend and undertake, why not start with an Aussie rodeo? Queensland is home to some of Australia’s biggest rodeos, particularly that of the annual Mount Isa rodeo held in the state’s north west, and with a variety of entertainment, music and bull riding, there’s no better way to mix and mingle with the locals.

Rodeos in Queensland

Where are Queensland's biggest rodeos?

The southern hemisphere’s largest rodeo is that of the Mount Isa Rodeo, packed with events from steer wrestling, wild horse racing and even a Mardi Gras celebration. Being crowned the ‘rodeo capital of Australia’, Mount Isa’s population can more than double during rodeo time with visitors coming from all over Australia and overseas to spectate and compete.

Warwick in Queensland’s Darling Downs is also home to one of Queensland’s most famous rodeos, held in October each year. Attracting crowds of more than 30,000 people, the Warwick Rodeo is a seven day event, full of outback activities and rodeo action.

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