Product Review: Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman has just won the award for Most Satisfied Customers for 2014 by Canstar Blue, with this AGFG thought that “Australia’s Preferred Jam” needed to be put to the test.

So what do most do with Jam? Other than spreading it on your morning toast, it goes perfect with a lazy Sunday morning breakfast of lemonade scones, see our recipe here. Also if you have any fresh croissants around, any Bonne Maman jam will work like a treat.

Product Review: Bonne MamanHow does it fair? Well being a French Jam it certainly has the pedigree to satisfy – just think back to when your grandmother used to make homemade preserves and you ate it fresh, well that’s certainly the taste of Bonne Maman. With the taste of natural jam without the hint of flavour enhancements and a smooth but stable texture it will be your perfect pairing to your morning toast, bagel or scone.

AGFG’s Resident Chef Shawn Sheather reviews:

“I love the bite from the real strawberries; they were just like what I remember from my childhood, not just sugar sweet with flavour, but a real fruit flavour and texture. The strawberry preserve has a subtle acid hit letting you know it’s a real fruit conserve, this is followed by a long lasting real strawberry flavour."

Product Review: Bonne MamanWe used the classic strawberry preserve in our recipe, however Bonne Maman’s range is extensive from plum to four fruits as well as the intriguing “fruit of the forest,” you can even enjoy chestnut cream.

Bonne Maman is available nationally in Coles, Woolworths and leading independent supermarkets. For further information on Bonne Maman visit: