Michelle Tchea's Chefs Collective

By Freya Ensbey. Find Michelle Tchea on facebook, her website and buy the book here.

Founder and owner of organic company Healthy Spoon PTY Ltd, luxury travel, hospitality and gourmet expert, recipe curator and author of bestselling cookbooks; Building a Perfect Meal, Signature Dishes and My Little SoHo Kitchen, Michelle Tchea’s career has been everything north of stellar.

Michelle Tchea's Chefs Collective

Top to bottom (clockwise): Ayoung Chang's beef carpaccio, Hajime Yoneda's Sora, Chefs Collective Book Cover, Michelle Tchea and Lanshu Chen's Ayu, Yamazeri and Silver Herring. 

Daring, innovative and highly ambitious, the acclaimed Chefs featured in Michelle Tchea’s latest cookbook, Chefs Collective, are the definition of hardworking, passionate and bona fide talents in the kitchen.

Asian Chefs are making their mark in the culinary arena with their innovative menus and forward-thinking dishes, and Chefs Collective is Tchea’s personal list of chosen favourites raining from Asian heritage, yet pursuing careers all around the world. Delving much deeper than the acclaimed restaurants they work in, this book unveils the mind of each Chef, revealing expert tips, childhood food memories and their culinary inspiration, as well as the iconic signature dishes they are known for which are well worth hopping on a plane to experience.Michelle Tchea's Chefs Collective

Michelle Tchea, Author of Chefs Collective. Photo: Sacha Bosman. 

Chefs Collective is an exciting book that sees more than 50 of these inspirational Chefs come together and celebrate their fusion of culture. With candid insights into their philosophy of food and cooking, and detailed recipes for preparing their most requested dishes, Chefs Collective is the definitive introduction to these 50 rising stars of the culinary world.

With each Asian born Chef the epitome of the culinary game, this book expels many a myth that Asian cuisine is traditionally simplistic in execution, showing the grooming these Chefs had received from a young age in the kitchen with skill, refinement and inherent talent from generations of recipe creation.

Amongst the list of the elite is Mississippi based Chef, Ayoung Chang. Focussing her career on an Asian fusion cooking style and lending her talents to Jia Teppanyaki at Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, Chang says that she has had to dedicate almost 100% of her time to the kitchen to get to where she is. So it comes as no surprise that she is producing the quality dishes she is, as seen in breathtaking plates like her stunningly refined Beef Carpaccio and Dried Seaweed with Sweet Rice.

Owner and Chef of Hajime in Osaka, Japan, Hajime Yoneda recalls his earliest memory with food as playing in the mountains of Japan and eating Japanese knotweed, an edible wild plant, still using this ingredient at times transformed into a sorbet and added to his menu. Describing his cooking style as innovative and artistic, Yoneda lives by the ethos that ‘cooking gives hope.’ Sharing with Chefs Collective his recipe, Sora, Yoneda explains the definition of the name means ‘sky’ in Japanese, hoping for this dish to bring the same euphoric feeling as looking up into the clouds does.

Taiwan based, Lanshu Chen is a standout female amongst the crowd as Owner and Chef at Le Mout in Taichung. Serving primarily French Haute cuisine, Chen enjoys testing and developing flavours from different ingredients which are in season, bringing them together in harmony, as seen in her elegant Ayu, Yamazeri and Silver Herring, which she says is a dish that represents her cooking style perfectly.

Making the ideal gift for aspiring Asian cooks and Chefs alike or as an inspirational addition to the home cook’s library, Chefs Collection is a cookbook like no other, created with pure heart and soul and designed to make us re-think what we think we already know about Asian cuisine.