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How Restaurants Can Survive COVID-19: A Must Read

Update March 23: From 12PM today, restaurants and cafes will be restricted to takeaway only. If you have a local cafe that needs an online ordering system that's commission-freeplease share this link with them! 

Restaurants throughout Australia have been left devastated by the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19), with many facing the possibility of shutting down after being forced into lockdown.

How Restaurants Can Survive COVID-19: A Must Read

Apart from a tax deferment, there is currently no government assistance and many in the restaurant industry could be crippled within days in the coming weeks.

In order to stay afloat, many restaurants are coming up with creative ways to preserve cashflow including Townsville fine-dining restaurant, A Touch Of Salt offering "cook-like-a-pro" food boxes with recipe cards, ingredients and video tutorials.

Takeaway and online ordering are now being offered by even the most prestigious of Australia’s Restaurants including Attica Melbourne, presenting a unique opportunity to dine at home with meals prepared by some of Australia's best chefs.

While there are undoubtedly tough times to come, this remains a health crisis and not a financial crisis!

Social distancing remains the biggest challenge for restaurants with nothing to link the spread of Coronavirus through food preparation!

The challenge for restaurants is to ensure they are maintaining and communicating their maintenance of a hygienic work environment.

"Customers are as equally unhappy about the prospect of prolonged dining on baked beans on toast,” said AGFG resident chef Shawn Sheather.

"They still want the same quality food and beverages that they wanted last week. They just want to know they are safe.

"To see them through these tough times, restaurants need to ensure they are going above and beyond the guidelines of the World Health Organisation and make sure their customers know it.”

A number of restaurants have been proactive about getting this message out to their customers and have taken decisive steps to show that customer safety is of utmost concern.

Alcohol wipes have been made readily available to customers, gloves are being worn by the waitstaff and some have even gone as far as to wear face masks.

The option of in-house dining alternatives remains the most popular choice for customers at this time!

Online ordering numbers are at record highs and this trend is predicted to remain the preferred choice of diners for the foreseeable future.

WOWAPPS is an Australian based tech company providing restaurants with commission-free online ordering.
They have been a tech partner of the Australian Good Food Guide for over four years and support some of the country’s most prominent restaurants.

Their technology is currently being made available to restaurants for a no-obligation ongoing charge of just $3.25 per day ($99/month).

Online ordering looks to be the logical choice for restaurants looking to survive in these unprecedented times.

Restaurants need to do everything they can to ensure the safety of their customers, their staff and their businesses.

If you love your local restaurant, please make sure they read this and above all else support them as much as you can!
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