Healthy Eating - Chicken

Unbeatable Lean White Meat

When I was a young girl, many, many years ago, how I looked forward to Sundays. It was roast day. Chicken was a real treat in those days yet now-a-days most families will have chicken once or twice a week. You can bake, grill, BBQ, stirfy, or stew it; you name it, chicken is very versatile.

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In the past there has been controversy over what they feed and give chickens. Well I have done my research and they say that the chicken we get now is fine to eat on a regular basis. I was told that they don’t have hormones in them anymore but I am still not completely convinced. Farmers raise a full grown chicken for eating so quickly these days, it makes me wonder.

A Low Saturated Fat Dietary Option

Chicken is a fairly lean white meat so it is a good choice for slimmers or for those wanting a low saturated fat diet. I think it is best to avoid the dark meat on the chicken such as thigh and leg as these parts are higher in fat than the breast. The fatty part of the chicken is the skin, it has heaps of fat, and it’s saturated so you shouldn’t have much of this in your diet at all.

Yes, I am telling you to remove the skin. I know that you may say that the best part of the chicken is that golden crunchy skin but not if you are on a healthy regime. For example a chicken breast with no skin has about 5g of fat but if you leave the skin on it changes to 13g of fat. When cooking the breast make sure you don’t over cook it as it can be dry when overcooked. One BBQ chicken with skin and stuffing will cost around 80g of fat, but there is a simple solution to this, removing all the skin and stuffing and the fat count drops to around 21g of fat, a huge difference.

Chicken is an excellent source of protein, rich in most B vitamins. If you like a sausage it is good to know that pork and beef sausages are higher in fat than chicken. When buying chicken mince make sure it has a pink look to it, if there are lots of white pieces in it the butcher has processed the skin into the mince, which makes it very high in fat.

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Healthy Eating - Chicken
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