Happy Healthy Easter

Chocoholics Motivation for Moderation

Temptation for chocolate and sweets is everywhere in the lead up to Easter, with chock-a-block displays of Easter Eggs of all shapes, sizes and flavours piled high along every aisle of your local supermarket. More people fall off the weight-loss wagon at Easter than any other time of the year except for Christmas, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you take control.

This Rich Chocolate Squares recipe is an Easter treat to try.

Happy Healthy Easter

Happy & Healthy Easter

At Easter time, a chocoholic’s willpower can go out the window but with a little motivation, you can resist temptation and continue on your healthy eating regime. One of the keys is to remember that you are not missing out on anything as funnily enough Easter isn’t the only time you can eat chocolate. It is sold 365 days of the year and yet more people quit their diets over Easter, often after making a great start to the year. If you don’t want this to happen then having a plan of attack will help.

Easter Treat Time in Perspective

For children too, Easter can be like a free-ticket to eat as much chocolate as they want. However, while it's fine to enjoy some Easter treats, the key here is moderation, and to have a treat occasionally rather than all the time. Remember that eating habits are learnt early on and your children will follow your example - so it's up to you to set some healthy guidelines.

With a little planning now, you and your family can sail through Easter without weight gain and all that can lead to. Decide right now how much chocolate you will allow at Easter and then stick to it. Just remember the more sweet food they eat the more they may crave. If your children are given chocolate eggs by well meaning family and friends, then encourage them to share the treats around and only have a few at a time.

The other treat enjoyed over Easter are hot cross buns, which have around 2-5g of fat, but when you add lashings of butter it's just like chocolate and needs to be eaten in moderation. Try to balance any additional treats with healthy family meals and put an emphasis on outdoor activities, walks and exercise to counter balance the treats.

Here's the fat count of some popular chocolate Easter treats:


DOZEN CRATE EGGS, 1 egg5.0g – eat 1 dozen and it’s now 60g fat!




CAROB, 50g 15.0g

LINDT GOLD BUNNY, 100g 32.0g


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Happy Healthy Easter