Guilt-Free Christmas Getaways

Summer 2012

Check Your Worries at the Door

A recent study of Aussie guests in luxury hotels shows surprising results with serious gasp factor. Did you know that 70% of travellers polled admit it takes them 10 minutes to figure out how to turn on the hotel shower?

This begs the question, if you’ve decided to make a hotel your home for the holidays will it take more than hanging your favourite ornaments on a mini Christmas (or palm) tree to help you settle in?

Having been in the travel business since the 70s, the AGFG has come to know Australian’s hotel habits. Our nation wide Accommodation Guide will assist you in finding the perfect place to stay for this year’s Christmas getaway.

Christmas is a time of year that we purposefully save for, so there is often a bit of a budget for this seasonal getaway. Even still, finding a hotel that provides good value for money gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside, plus it saves us money so we aren’t tempted to Scrooge our loved ones.

Holiday destination possibilities across our amazing nation are endless, from modest studio apartments on Hamilton Island - with not-so-modest Great Barrier Reef snorkelling right on your doorstep - to country houses with lofts that overlook vineyard rows in the iconic Barossa Valley. Maybe it’s sophisticated style you’re after in one of Melbourne’s magnificent boutique stays or perhaps a luxurious and leisurely stay in the heart of Sydney’s bustling cultural centre.

No matter where you decide to stay this December, there’s a good chance you’ll have access to free breakfast, as long as you don’t sleep in TOO late. Since free Wi-Fi is a likely bed companion at most holiday resorts, there’ll be no excuse not to send a quick email or facebook message to your loved ones. You can’t help but appease those you've left behind, wondering why you’re not spending Christmas or New Years (or both) with them.

It’s no secret that some people plan a Christmas getaway in order to avoid family drama, and the other main reason we entertain holiday ideas around this time of year is to reward ourselves for all the hard work. Whatever your reason for getting away from it all, let loose and relax into your new environment.

Guilt-Free Christmas Getaways

Guilty Pleasures – A Little Christmas Gift to Yourself

When we get away from it all, the tendency is to release our inner party animal out of its cage. There are a few common trends amongst Aussies (especially those aged 45-55) letting their hair down on a Christmas retreat from the real world. If you’re prone to do this yourself, there’s no need to feel guilty – you’re in good company (or bad, as the case may be).

- sneaking in friends and family for hotel parties (when you’ve only booked in one or two) - having the towels replaced daily

- participating in the odd nudie run down hallways (for the ice?) or skinny dip in the pool

- taking extra long showers - getting an extra key cut so we can keep the air-con on all day while we’re out

Christmas can be a bit hectic and the ideal way to escape holiday bustle and stress is to book a getaway. The ultimate trip is yours for the making with our AGFG Accommodation guide, and we'll leave the naughty or nice bit up to you.