Cooking School Contemplations

Cooking School Contemplations

Back to school, cooking school that is.

“What’s for dinner”? I blurt out. My question is met with a response that I’m not looking for, “I don’t know, I’ll probably have a tin of baked beans” my mum responds. She then proceeds with her usual ramble “when I was little I made you home made fresh fish fingers from scratch because you refused to eat anything else!” I try to reason with her that I didn’t care then, but I care now! What a waste I think to myself; of the stories she’s told me of the numerous cooking classes she did whilst pregnant and setting up the family nest. From that day forth I made a little vow to myself, that I Alyscia Watt vouch to learn how to cook, and superbly too. Time to take a few cooking classes of my own I think. Now a cooking class connoisseur, I’ve created a few guidelines for you to consider before you too enter the world of cooking schools.

How to pick a good cooking school

Just google the world ‘cooking school’ with your local are and you’re bound to find a plethora of cooking schools wanting your business. Having been to some of the ‘who’s ‘who’s of cooking schools’ to the ‘who’s that? I’m here to tell you that regardless of where you pick, you’re guaranteed a different experience at each cooking school. It ultimately comes down to what you want out of your experience. If you’re prepared to pay top dollar and have all the inclusions; alcohol as well as a top visiting chef then go for it! If you’re after just some general instruction, a few laughs but aren’t to concerned about the rest, then the options really are as wide as your google search.

What class is suitable for me?

First things to consider, do you know your way around the kitchen, comfortably? Can you differentiate between blanching and basting? If not, there are plenty of options that cater to the more beginner level. Don’t be disheartened these are a great place to start and also good for anyone wanting to revisit some of the basics including the dramatic béchamel sauce, no lumps of course. For those who deem themselves to be more culinary cultured the options are literally endless; Middle Eastern mayhem to the fanatical French style of cooking. Choose your cooking class like you’d pick your school timetable; make sure your friends are keen and available and that you like what’s on offer; chocolate making no problem!

What to bring

Check with the individual cooking school before your class if you’re required to bring anything. Generally, it’s just an open mind accompanied with your favourite apron and your ready to, ready steady cook!

What to expect

This really depends on what cooking school you choose, each school has there own rules regarding student numbers and how much you will really be involved. You can generally expect though to be in a class with 15 – 20 other people. Every cooking school I’ve attended I’ve taken home the delights I’ve made, as well as the copies. Having to answer my own question now of what’s for dinner? I usually resort to my cooking school notes for inspiration. Regardless of your budget, style and experience, taking a cooking class is a great way to meet some fascinating people, brush up on some classic dishes or travel gastronomically to your ultimate destination, all in three hours!