Colin Fassnidge: Four Kitchens

Two restaurants, 4Fourteen & Four in Hand, the outside kitchen and the home kitchen

An insight into Colin Fassnidge and his new book "Four Kitchens."

Colin Fassnidge: Four Kitchens

"Well for years, like most young chefs, it's all about the food, I had tunnel vision, you don't think about anything else, we were rather selfish. When I had kids, I realised there was more to life than cooking and food. My food got better because I had two kids to feed and nourish, my head changed to quality and nourishment instead of just being fancy," Colin Fassnidge on what made him ready to write Four Kitchens.

Colin Fassnidge: Four Kitchens

Growing from strength to strength Colin Fassnidge has not only graced Australia's culinary scene but also our televisions. Recently winning GQ's Chef of the Year 2013 has seen Colin grow beyond his famously known Four in Hand restaurant.

Known for pushing boundaries and winning awards, Colin's cooking philosophy is all about bringing enjoyment to the people he is cooking for. His nose-to-tail style sees him coax as much flavour out of the produce as possible and leaving very little to waste. His first dish, made 9 years ago at Four in Hand as just a joke symbolises this, "Pigs ear Schnitzel."

"People panicked, 'your restaurant won't work,' they said, but we stood our guns, got two hats and then all these people are eating the pigs ear schnitzels and loving it with a $200 bottle of wine," said Colin.

His book Four Kitchens is a collection of favourite recipes from both Four Kitchens and 4Fourteen, plus recipes he likes to cook at home for family and friends. If you have ever wanted to get to know Colin truly, then picking up his book and immersing yourself in his creations will certainly have you understanding this Dublin-born ex-rock star Chef.

Loving the look of that Rhubarb? Don't stress it's only just one masterpiece from Colin's 'Four Kitchens' and we have it for you here.

Four Kitchens has just been released this month, you can purchase it here.

Images courtesy of Random House Publishing.