Classic Thai Dishes You Know and Love

It’s no doubt that Australians love travelling to Thailand – it has been a popular tourist destination for many years now and you likely know someone who has been, if not you yourself. A hint towards cruisy days relaxing on sandy Thai beaches, warm sunshine caressing your skin and an array of unique cultural experiences at your fingertips will surely bring happy memories to the forefront of your mind. Remember these special moments, family adventures and celebrations with friends and embrace Thai culture with your own Thai dishes at home. Experience the flavours of tantalising dishes once again with our recipes below, from the classic Pad Thai to skilful culinary delights such as the Asian Eggnet, delicately crafted by Longrainrestaurant in Sydney.

Classic Thai Dishes You Know and Love

1) Som Tam Green Papaya and Mango Salad

This spicy papaya salad originates in the northeast regions of Thailand, but it's reached near-cult status throughout the rest of the country. The common ingredient is the green papaya which lends a subtle, sweet flavour while the seeds can be ground down and used like pepper. Different regions have slight variations on this recipe, some offer sweeter flavours and some adopt a sour tang. Try out this recipe for yourself and adjust the ingredients to your liking. It makes a great side salad to a sticky marinated chicken.

2) Asian Eggnet

Break through the eggnet and find a catch of pork and prawns below, mixed with peanuts and caramelised coconut and served with a cucumber relish. If you cannot experience this dish made by the expert chefs at Longrain, be sure to try it yourself at home. Fresh, crisp and crunchy mixed with tender meats; this dish can be placed in the middle of the table and shared, with guests heaping spoonfuls onto their plate as a great side and accompaniment to larger mains.

3) Penang Duck Curry

Highlighted with the smooth flavour of caramelised pumpkin, this dish traditionally takes on strong influences from Indian curries. It offers vibrancy to the dinner table, with bright red in colour and a thicker gravy sauce consistency from the ground down peanuts.

4) Oven Baked Thai Style Whole Bream

Enjoy the catch yourself, prepare it and eat it fresh. In many Thai restaurants, fish are served whole, marinated in herbs and spices and served topped with chopped vegetables. Share this dish between you and those who love their fresh, tender fish flesh.

5) Pad Thai

Hardly requiring an introduction, if you are yet to try Pad Thai, do so tonight! There are many variations to the traditional Pad Thai, and all are likely to be delicious. Give our recipe a go and be sure to try this one out on the kids. The noodles are fun and the other ingredients combine to make tangy zesty flavours that make for an exciting mid-week dinner without breaking the budget. Let kids add on their own finishing touches of fish sauce, sugar and crushed peanuts to suit their tastes and sprinkle a little chilli powder on your own bowl.

6) Thai Green Chicken Curry

This spicy, exciting dish adopts a green colour from the curry pastes’ green chillies. The coconut milk helps to cool it a little, and together with the colour, distinguishes it completely from Indian curries that may have similar components. Have a go at making your own Thai green curry paste and be sure to pair it with plenty rice if you aren’t used to eating spicy chillies.

Compiled by Julie Johnson.