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8 Top Young Chefs to Represent Australia at 2024 Culinary Olympics

When we last covered this story back in September we introduced the 2024 IKA/Culinary Olympic team’s Senior and Youth Squad Captains and Team Manager. As the event draws near with a February start date, Team Australia is ranked 7th in the world and will be participating in a two-part contest.
The first will require the Chefs to prepare and present a three-course menu for more than 70 guests. The second will be a junior Chef’s table, requiring the team to prepare a five-course menu for guests sitting at the end of their kitchen booth.
8 Top Young Chefs to Represent Australia at 2024 Culinary Olympics

The Australian National Culinary Youth group, mentored by team manager, Patrick O’Brien, has been diligently training the squad throughout the past three years.
"Competing in the Culinary Olympics is both an honour and an opportunity for our young Chefs to represent their country. The dedication and hard work of our squad to perfect their plates has been incredible and it’s wonderful to see the team grow and learn as they take the next step in their careers,” Patrick says.

Eight of our nation’s top young Chefs will head to Stuttgart to face off against more than 1800 talented professionals under the age of 25 visiting from 67 countries.

Youth Team captain, Amber Heaton says: "The IKA/Culinary Olympics are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for up-and-coming Chefs, like me, to connect with like-minded people from different countries to share our passion for food, and make lifelong friendships.”
8 Top Young Chefs to Represent Australia at 2024 Culinary Olympics

These cleverly named games are a unique opportunity for Australia’s best and brightest culinary artists from all over the world, to compete on an international platform and showcase their expertise. The prestigious event, going on since 1900. really is a once-in-a-lifetime event where for three years prior, the competitors hone their skills, cut down on time with time trials in their kitchens and perfect their dishes and service. 

Stay tuned here as we continue to cover the story. 

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