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Are Crepes Really Better than Pancakes?

By Laura Rancie.
In the world of breakfast delights, the battle between crêpes and pancakes has long been a subject of debate in my partially French household. I understand that both possess unique qualities, but in my mind one reigns supreme.  

This is why Im asking you - are crêpes truly better than pancakes for breakfast? To unravel this culinary conundrum, I’ve taken the liberty to embark on a journey through the nuanced world of breakfast pancakes vs crêpes. 
Are Crepes Really Better than Pancakes?

Crêpes, with their delicate and paper-thin appearance, offer a French touch that pancakes may struggle to match. The artistry involved in crafting the perfect crêpe demands a skilled hand, turning a simple mixture of flour, eggs, milk and butter into a canvas for perfection. Do you know that true crêpe makers study the art at crêpe school? It's true - just Google 'École crêpier' and you'll find dozens of schools dedicated to being a 'crêpier'. 

Tracing their origins to the Northwest region of Brittany, France in the early 13th Century, the first crêpes were called 'galettes' and made of buckwheat, a grain well-suited to the region's harsh climate. The resourceful Bretons began using buckwheat flour to create the thin, unleavened galettes. 

Are Crepes Really Better than Pancakes?
Initially consumed as a savoury dish (with ham, emmental cheese and a fried egg with cracked black pepper), they gained popularity across Brittany. Over the centuries the recipe evolved and in the 19th Century, with the introduction of white flour and a more refined preparation, crêpe as we know them today emerged. The delicate, versatile crêpe became a symbol of French cuisine (and my weekend mornings). 
Pancakes, on the other hand, are the epitome of a lazy Aussie Sunday breakfast - one that my husband loves to champion in our kitchen. Their fluffy interiors and golden exteriors, generously drizzled with maple syrup, embody a heartiness that appeals to kids and adults alike, loaded with maple syrup, banana slices, strawberries and on the rare occasion, even a scoop of homemade berry raspberry ice cream.

In both instances, the ritual of flipping pancakes or crêpe on a lazy morning with their tantalising aromas filling the kitchen, is a cherished tradition that transcends cultural boundaries. 
Are Crepes Really Better than Pancakes?

While crêpes boast a certain elegance and finesse, pancakes offer a hearty and sweet indulgence that speaks to the soul of breakfast comfort.

What pancakes and crêpes (as well as savoury galettes) have in common, is that they are the champions of versatility, providing a sturdy foundation for a variety of toppings, from classic butter and syrup, Nutella or chocolate sauce to fruits, nuts and whipped cream. I prefer my   crêpe with lemon and sugar, galettes served the classic way with ham and cheese and pancakes fully loaded. While I enjoy all three and can see overlapping similarities, it is always the crêpe my heart goes back to.  
The choice between the two ultimately hinges on personal preference, so in fact, writing this article has left me in the same conundrum – are crêpes really better than pancakes?

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