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A New Age in Air Fryers

Philips has partnered with beloved Chef and TV presenter Poh Ling Yeow, putting her in a fully equipped ‘traditional’ kitchen to go head-to-head with home cook and dad, Jarrad Duggan-Tierney who were only given the latest Philips 7000 Series Airfryer XXXL.
Cooking the same dishes as Poh and our home cook Jarrad was able to plate up a delicious rack of crusted lamb, glazed carrots and sweet potato chips with ease, proving that with the right tools, even the average home cook can keep up with a top Chef.  
A New Age in Air Fryers

Exploring restaurant-quality recipes at home: 

Since releasing the very first model of the game-changing air fryer back in 2010, Philips has continued to push its development, finding ways to make cooking even more convenient and efficient through meaningful innovation.
What was once thought to be a tool for healthy frying and heating frozen foods has transformed into a kitchen must-have that can help anyone create complex, restaurant-quality dishes at home. According to 2022 data by GfK, there has been an 184% increase in air fryer purchases as consumers look for convenience in their technology and home appliances.

With over half the nation (53%) finding it boring to cook the same recipes repeatedly, the Philips 7000 Series Airfryer XXXL has been designed to enhance the cooking experience through its innovative features and smart technology. Rapid CombiAir cooking uses high, low and dynamic airflows to enable up to 22-in-1 cooking functions.
Combined with the Philips NutriU app, which contains a huge bank of recipes from Chefs and other NutriU users, Australians can explore and try recipes they’ve never thought to cook before.
A New Age in Air Fryers

Trying the new air fryer for herself, Poh said: "For anyone who feels afraid to step outside their usual repertoire of dishes or thinks they don’t have the skills to cook something new – the Philips 7000 Series Airfryer XXXL is about to become your bestie.
"After going up against it myself, I can tell you that I’ve got some steep competition! The auto-cook programs and smart features think for you so restaurant-worthy meals will become the norm in your home. Time to get cooking!”
A New Age in Air Fryers

Smart cooking: 

The integrated food thermometer gives you total control when cooking food to your desired finish while the auto-cook programs take the guesswork out of cooking – just select your ingredient and let the Philips 7000 Series Airfryer XXXL do the rest.  
The Philips 7000 Series XXXL Airfryer is priced at RRP $749 and available now at selected retailers. The NutriU app is available to download from the App store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

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