7 Crazy Margarita Recipes You Need To Try

In true Mexican style, we’re all about the margarita this week (serious note though: who isn’t?) However, we’ve gone a little overboard to bring you some of the craziest margaritas we could find. Be sure to show us your creations via our social media channels.

7 Crazy Margarita Recipes You Need To Try

1. For the unusually crafty: Lavender Margarita.

2. For the traditional with spice: Chilli Lime Margarita.

3. For the chocolate lovers: Chocolate Margarita.

4. For the morning smoothie with alcohol lovers: Strawberry and Coconut Margarita.

5. For the good kind of fat lovers: Avocado Margarita.

6. For the healthy alcoholics: Green Tea Margarita.

7. For the vegetable lovers: Pumpkin Margarita.