Scallops and Motoyaki Sauce - by Kobe Jones

Scallops and Motoyaki Sauce - by Kobe Jones


Motoyaki Sauce:

1 egg (use yolk only, remove egg white)
100 ml grape seed oil
15 g saikyo miso
1 Tbs mirin


3 scallop shells
3 scallop (30 - 50 g) try and get A grade white scallops
40 g rock salt
10 g shallot slivers (garnish)
Parmesan (garnish) - can use any Italian cheese, hard or soft


Motoyaki Sauce:

To make the sauce you're going to use the same method that you would to make mayonnaise or hollandaise. Don't be deterred, it's all in taking your time.

Add egg yolk and miso together and whisk quickly until combined. Then slowly add the grape seed oil (nearly a drop at a time) while you whisk continuously. This mixture should come together in 3 -5 minutes (should be smooth and fluffy). Add the mirin close to the end, when you've nearly used up all the oil. Taste test the sauce and if you want a little more mirin add by drop - remember to keep whisking the mixture together, you don't want anything to separate.


Using your serving plate, place the rock salt as a base and place the scallop shells on top.

Heat a skillet with olive oil until it is smoking hot.

Sear the scallops on both sides, taking care not to over cook them.

Remove and rest the scallops by placing a scallop in each shell.

Top with Parmesan or your favourite Italian cheese.

Using a teaspoon cover each scallop in the Motoyaki sauce.

Using a torch or under a grill, gratinate the sauce until the sauce begins to bubble.

Garnish with shallot slivers and serve hot.

Credits: Kobe Jones

Photo Credits: Wow Productions

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