Ebi Katsu Sizzling Curry - Recipe by Pepper Lunch

Ebi Katsu Sizzling Curry - Recipe by Pepper Lunch


120g crumbed prawns
2mL oil
35g sliced onion
210g cooked rice
30g corn
2g parsley sprinkle
5g sliced chilli
150mL Private brand curry sauce


Deep fry crumbed prawns for two minutes, drain excess oil. Place onto a prep plate.

Spread oil onto a rice mould and fill with cooked rice.

Heat iron plate for about a minute to 260 C, then move to a wood plate and brush with canola oil. Place sliced onion onto bottom of iron place and rice on the upper section.

Scoop 30 g of corn into the middle pit of the corn and gently shake dried parsley onto corn and rice.

Garnish with sliced chilli and top with crumbed prawns.

Recipe provided by Pepper Lunch Canberra

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