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Gummy Shark with Ponzu and Avocado - Chef Recipe by Tom Jack

Gummy Shark with Ponzu and Avocado - Chef Recipe by Tom Jack


600g skinless gummy shark fillets

Avocado puree:

230g avocado
10g lime juice
10g olive oil
3g salt

Spring onion oil:

120mL grapeseed oil
1/3 bunch spring onions (green section)

Shiro dashi:

25mL soy sauce
5cm x 5cm square kombu
100mL mirin
300mL water
20g dried bonito, shaved


130mL rice wine vinegar
60g light brown Japanese sugar
230mL soy sauce
230mL shiro dashi
25g bonito flakes

Charred edamame:

100g edamame (peas only, not pods)
100mL olive oil


Remove any sinew or blood lining from gummy shark fillets and slice into roughly 3mm thick pieces.

Avocado puree:

Place all ingredients, except olive oil, into a food processor and blend. Pass through a fine strainer and then fold oil into the mix. Keep cold until serving.

Spring onion oil:

Place ingredients into Thermomix, blend on speed 5 for 10 minutes at 80 C. Strain into a bowl on top of ice water.

Shiro dashi:

Bring soy, mirin, water and kombu to a simmer in a saucepan, take off the heat and add the bonito shavings. Allow to cool in the fridge, strain and set aside.

Heat rice wine vinegar to a simmer, remove from heat and dissolve sugar in it. Add soy sauce, shiro dashi and bonito flakes and allow to cool. Strain and keep cold.

Charred edamame:

Place a cast iron pan on the heat, when smoking hot, dress the edamame with olive oil and put into pan. Allow edamame to char before stirring, or tossing the pan.

To plate:

Evenly distribute the shark around each plate and season.

Pipe avocado onto the shark and place edamame on top evenly.

Dress the dish with spring onion oil and ponzu.

Garnish with beautiful herbs from your garden such as pea tendrils and shiso.