Davidson Plum and Marshmallow Swirl - Chef Recipe by Connor Bishop.

Davidson Plum and Marshmallow Swirl - Chef Recipe by Connor Bishop.


Paté de fruit:

330g Davidson plum poaching stock
160g caster sugar
70g caster sugar
70g glucose syrup
8.5g yellow pectin


125g caster sugar
25g glucose syrup
13g raspberry purée
40g water
43g raspberry purée
5g egg white powder
5.5g gold leaf gelatin


Davidson plum paté de fruit:

Bring poaching stock to a simmer.

While whisking slowly add 160g sugar and yellow pectin.

Once sugar is dissolved add the remaining caster sugar and glucose.

Bring to 105 C, once at 105 C evenly spread onto acetate 30 cm x 15 cm.

Allow to cool.


Bring sugar, glucose, 13g of raspberry purée and water to 110 C.

Meanwhile bloom gelatin. Add the remaining purée and egg white powder to a stand mixer.

Once the sugar mixture is at 110 C, start whisking the egg white powder and purée on high speed,

Cook the sugar syrup until 121 C then temper into the stand mixer, once fully incorporated add the bloomed gelatin and allow to whisk for approximately 4 minutes.

Next, spread the marshmallow over the paté de fruit using a palette knife, ensuring it is evenly spread and the same thickness as the paté de fruit.

Allow to set in the fridge for half an hour, then transfer onto Glad Wrap and roll tightly, set in fridge again for a further half an hour.

Once fully set, cut into approximately 1.5 cm medallions and coat in caster sugar. Tap off any excess sugar and enjoy!

Recipe provided by Maxwell Restaurant