Chocolate Salami Log - Chef Recipe by Aymee  Slaviero

Chocolate Salami Log - Chef Recipe by Aymee Slaviero


50mL rum
50g dried figs
65g dried fruit (apricots, cherries, cranberries etc)
150g dark chocolate
40g golden syrup
75g nuts (pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts etc)
55g crushed biscuits
10g cocoa nibs
25g butter


Soak figs and chosen dried fruits overnight in rum.

Melt chocolate and butter, stir in golden syrup.

Stir in fruits, nuts, cocoa nibs and crushed biscuits.

Divide the mixture into two.

Lay out a sheet of cling film and place 1/2 of the mixture on top spreading out slightly to form a log, roll the log up in the film and twist both ends tightly.

Allow to set overnight.

Unwrap your log and roll in powdered sugar.

Cut into 2cm pieces.

Recipe provided by Cocoa Nib

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