Black Truffle Butter - Recipe by Damian Brabender

Black Truffle Butter - Recipe by Damian Brabender


200g unsalted butter

Make sure it is not butter with any added 'culture flavour' and contains no 'whitening ingredients' (this could be titanium dioxide for example, it will totally kill the truffle flavour).

10g fresh French black truffle, tuber melanosporum


Bring butter to room temperature, (if you are in Canberra, maybe turn the heater on first)

Put butter into a kitchen aid mixer and whip with a flat paddle. Do not use a whisk or you will end up with a dairy based concrete. Whip the butter until it gets about 30% larger, and you will notice it turns from butter yellow to almost snow white, this means you have added the correct amount of air into the butter. This is very important.

Grate your 10g of truffle into the butter and mix through. Leave the butter at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Remove from the bowl onto your workbench. Knead the butter as you would bread dough when you are “knocking it back”. You will notice it returning back to a yellow colour.

Roll butter into logs using cling film, this will make it easier to use when the time calls for it.

Refrigerate for at least 24 hours before using.

This simple recipe will prove to be worth its weight in gold if followed correctly. It is the best way to use fresh black truffle!

Using this butter to finish a jus, soup or pasta will elevate the simplest of dishes to become something truly special.

Recipe provided by Otis Dining Hall

Photo Credits: Damian Brabender - OTIS Dining Hall

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