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A Citrus Symphony, Chef Recipe by Connor Bishop

A Citrus Symphony, Chef Recipe by Connor Bishop


Chocolate mousse:

325g eggs
135g caster sugar
430g 64% Manjari chocolate
715g cream

Mandarin curd:

275g mandarin juice
270g sugar
6g Agar
270g eggs
350g butter

Mandarin sorbet:

460g mandarin juice
41g glucose
40g sugar
2g gelatine
30g Alto mandarin oil

Mandarin sherbet:

20g freeze-dried mandarin
15g Maltodextrin
15g icing sugar
3g citric acid
1 Tbs Alto mandarin oil


For the chocolate mousse:

Add eggs to thermomix and set the machine to 4 minutes/ 60 degrees/ speed 3.5, once finished, transfer the mix to a kitchen aid and whisk on high until 35 C.

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate over a double boiler. Whip the cream to medium peaks, once everything is ready, add egg mixture to chocolate and incorporate, then fold in the cream.

Next either transfer to containers and store in fridge or place mix into moulds. I personally put the mix into silicone moulds and freeze overnight, demould then keep in freezer until ready to use.

For the mandarin curd:

Bring mandarin juice and agar to a boil, meanwhile, eggs and sugar into thermomix set to 65 C, temper in the mandarin juice and bring to 85 degrees.

Turn off the heat and add butter, incorporate and then set in fridge, once fully set blend again to make the mass smooth.

For the mandarin sorbet:

Bloom gelatine, bring the juice, glucose and sugar to a simmer and dissolve the sugars.

Once done take off the heat and add gelatine, bled in the oil.

Cool in fridge overnight then either churn in an ice cream machine or freeze in paco jet canisters.

For the sherbet:

Add all ingredients to robot coupe and blitz until well combined, store in an airtight container.

For plating, I also add a few fresh mandarin segments and micro lemon balm.

Recipe provided by The Kitchen at Bec Hardy