Reinventing Quay: One on One with Peter Gilmore

“We want people to be at ease, to come to our home and have a very special experience. In the past people have been intimidated by fine dining, but really it is all about the originality and uniqueness of the food, professional service and drinks offering. It has to be a seamless experience.” - Peter Gilmore.

Helena Adentro Wins Fenalco Entrepreneurial Award

The moment Jade Gosling stepped foot on the plane to Quindio and heard the slogan from the ProColombia tourism board, she was hooked. ‘The only risk is you’ll want to stay,’ resonated so loudly with this former Australian student, that now seven years later, she and business partner Alejandro Fajardo are proud owners of hip Colombian restaurant Helena Adentro in Filandia.

Australia's 2018 Award Winning Restaurants

Our country has set the culinary benchmark high for the 2018 Chef Hat season without hesitation, offering a year of distinguished moments for our judges, now awarded and acknowledged, so you too can share in the experience of their excellency. 2018 sees 390 restaurants awarded Chef Hats around the country, down 18 from 2017.

The Journey Uphill with Dan Hunter

Dan Hunter, is the household name any honest gourmand has on their radar. His restaurant Brae, named as one of the world’s top 50 restaurants, has been just as imperative to the sustainability movement as his own infectious advocacy for it.