From Down Under to Colombia - the Helena Adentro Story

The moment Jade Gosling stepped foot on the plane to Quindio and heard the slogan from the ProColombia tourism board, she was hooked. ‘The only risk is you’ll want to stay,’ resonated so loudly with this former Australian student, that now seven years later, she and business partner Alejandro Fajardo are proud owners of hip Colombian restaurant Helena Adentro in Filandia.

ANDINA: The Heart of Peruvian Food

Andina, a word meaning a woman, or a dish or ingredient from the Andes, is a collection of age old recipes passed down through Martin Morales’ ancestors, which have inspired many of the modern dishes now on the menu at his London restaurants, Ceviche SoHo, Ceviche Old St, Casita Andina and ANDINA.