A Revolution: The Quicksand Food Connection [Podcast]

The Revolution will not be televised . . . just podcast by Stefan Posthuma-Grbic. AGFG’s Sean Melrose speaks with Quicksand Food Director, Stefan Posthuma-Grbic in a podcast about local food, paddock to plate, the place of farmers’ markets and Canberra’s food revolution, listen now, while you read his interview.

Change of Scenery for Chef, Matthew Wood

Hilton Brisbane has appointed Chef, Matthew Wood as the hotel’s Executive Chef, who will now oversee Hilton Brisbane’s entire culinary operation, including catering and events, in-room dining and the hotel restaurant Vintaged Bar + Grill.

A Really Special Shiraz for Autumn

When you're one of just 65 wines listed as “Excellent” in Langton’s #VI Classification of Australian Wine – considered the ultimate guide to local fine wines – you certainly know you are doing something right...

Japanese Grilled Skewers 4 Ways

Japanese grilled skewers (Yakitori) are traditionally cooked over a charcoal fire and are primarily chicken, but these skewers can be put together with any ingredients to your liking - so here's four ways (plus a sneaky "non-skewered" recipe).

The Japanese Cheesecake - What Dreams Are Made Of

For the true cheesecakes lovers, there’s nothing quite as decadent as trying your hand at a Japanese cheesecake. These morsels of goodness are sometimes referred to as a cotton soft Japanese cheesecake or soufflé cheesecake, due to their weightless, silky consistency and melt in your mouth texture.