5 Places You Need to try during Taste Tweed

As the area’s biggest food festival, Taste Tweed, rolls into town throughout the month of July, it will bring with it a host of events in various locations along the coast and hinterland, offering a jam-packed itinerary. While you’re in the area, we think it best for you to try out these 5 places in celebration.

Tour de Tweed

The Taste Tweed festival offers a tight schedule to fill your day with as much or as little as you like, ensuring no one’s hunger is left unfulfilled. For the adventurous, who enjoy to take in their surroundings while working up an appetite, take to the area on two wheels and witness the sights and scenery that have made this area known as one of the most scenic coastlines of our country.

Salty Girls Surf School – Riding the Wave!

Inspiring women to overcome adversity and achieve their goals and dreams is the mission of Salty Girls Surf School founder Belen Kimble-Fuller. Based on the Tweed Coast, Salty Girls is Australia’s first all-female surf school, bringing women and the ocean together, with group and private lessons, clinics and yoga classes.

The Fourth Meal: Biting Back with the Snack

Predominantly embraced by millennials, the fourth meal has become so relevant in our dining culture that it has made its grand entrance into the Urban Dictionary, a crowd sourced dictionary which picks up colloquial slang or expressions. It defines the fourth meal as “the meal between supper and breakfast, or a late-night snack.”

Grabbing Life by the Beans! A Fresh Brew for Brisbane

A brand spanking new caffeine hotspot has just landed in The Myer Centre, Brisbane. Wake Up Speciality Coffee promises sustainably sourced coffee beans and rare blends, as well as mermaid lattes, healthy smoothies and whole food treats! The team also host live music every Saturday in collaboration with the boys behind #cafesofbrisbane - perfect for those who are keen on a caffeine hit, even over the weekend!

Keep Your Wheels Turning with Our Country’s Best Street Food

Whether it’s ducking out of the office to grab a taco from your local on their designated visiting days, a specific market dedicated to continually changing their food truck vendors or a permanent restaurant serving up easily accessible and tasty bite sized morsels, we have collated our top pick of the country’s best street food names who are pushing the boundaries with their menus and gaining themselves a fierce following.

Adam Liaw’s Insider Guide to Singapore Street Food

When Adam Liaw won the second series of MasterChef in 2010, it was and still remains the most watched non-sporting event on the gogglebox in Australian history. In his latest venture, Adam teams with Chef Malcolm Lee to bring our readers their Hainanese Peranakan chicken rice recipe, as part of the Singapore Tourism promotion ‘Passion made Possible.’