About Mawson's Huts

Ok, so you may have to venture a little further south if you want to experience this wonder, but Mawson’s Huts is one of the most historically spectacular adventures Australia has to offer. The home of the Australasian Arctic expedition of 1911-1914, Cape Denison and the iconic Mawson’s Huts are located in the southern ocean on Australian territory, some 4,000 kilometres from the mainland. Australia lays claim to 42% of Antarctica and when you retrace the steps of geologist and explorer Douglas Mawson, you will have the chance to find out just how it happened.

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A few words from Mawson's Huts

To get to Mawson's Huts, you must start your journey in Commonwealth Bay. Cruise ships depart from Hobart and the ideal time to hop on board is between November and March, when you will have 18-24 hours of daylight to explore in. Aside from seeing the huts Mawson and his expedition team called home in 1912, Commonwealth Bay is full of Arctic wildlife and a seemingly endless supply of stunning views.

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